HTC desire 616 flash file- Firmware Stock ROM

Looking for solutions for all the issues related to your HTC desire 616 dual sims? The one-stop solution is to use a flash file Stock ROM to solve all the concerned issues. The article elaborates the process to install and activate in the steps as per the order to activate the flash file at your device. Read till the end to clear all the doubts and know in detail about the HTC desire 616 dual sim flash file.

HTC desire 616 Firmware Stock ROM


The following list includes the basic needs the device must have to initiate this process. Read the list carefully and ensure that all the necessities must be present.

  1. The first requirement is that the device should be completely charged as the process is time taking and engaging for the device. Thus, the device must remain on for the whole process.
  2. The user must create a backup for all the data present on the device. After the process is completed, the data will be deleted therefore, backup files are a must.
  3. In addition to this, you must download the latest versions of tools and other drivers for the efficiency of the process.
  4. Lastly, all the files must be scanned and detected properly before installation, to check if the file format is safe for the device and system. The files must be supported by the device.

Steps to install HTC desire 616 dual SIM Flash File

Initially, if you wish to install the HTC desire 616 dual sims on your device, you must install the SP flash tool on the device. The procedure must be followed in the given order only.

  1. Firstly, you have to download Mediatek and follow the preceding instructions after installation. The device will be guided by Mediatek to install tools of the latest version. If these tools already exist on your device, you can skip this step.
  2. The next step to continue this process is to install the firmware on the device. Stick firmware is easily available online. You have to extract the files from the downloaded compact file format for your device.
  3. The next requirement is to get the SP flash tool on your device. You can find and download a compact file from the internet. You will have to extract the files from these like earlier.
  4. Then, open the folder where you can find the flash tool file in the options and open it by clicking on the bar.
  5. This step will initiate the working of the tool
  6. Once you open the tool window, you will locate a scatter-loading option. Then you have to click on the scatter file option on the screen. HTC desire 616 dual sim flash file
  7. After this, you can find the preloader option at the window, and then you have to uncheck the box against it. If you don’t un-tick it, there are many chances of bricking your phone. Thus, it’s a must to uncheck the box.
  8. Then, you have to find an option for downloading it which starts the process of flashing at the device. HTC desire 616 dual sim flash file download
  9. After this, take a USB cable to connect your device to the system. Now, switch off your device. After switching off the device press the volume button of your device which enables the tool to detect your device.
  10. Once the tool will detect your device, the process of flashing starts automatically
  11. Once this process is complete, a green ring appears on the screen.
  12. After this final step and completion of the process, you can carefully terminate the tool and remove the USB cable to disconnect the device from the system.

By using the up listed steps, you can easily and effectively download, install, and use the HTC desire 616 dual sim flash file on your device. We hope this article assisted you properly.

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