SPD Upgrade Flash Tool (All Versions)- Download

Introduction to SPD Upgrade Flash Tool

SPD upgrade is a software program that you can use to flash your device. You can use this flash tool to install the flash file on the spreadtrum powered devices. The tool is free to use and you can easily find it on the internet. It is an authenticated tool and easy to download. Using this tool, you can flash the PAC based firmware on the device. The tool has a very simple interface and you can even use it if you are new to the software. You have to make sure that your device has a Spreadtrum chipset and then only use the tool to install it on your system. Moreover, the tool is compatible with almost every window version and you will get individual links for all.

SPD Upgrade Flash Tool

In this article, we have mentioned how you can use the SPD/Unisoc upgrade tool. We have explained why we consider using this tool and also, we have mentioned all the steps that you will have to follow. Read this article till the end to know more about the SPD upgrade tool. SPD upgrade tool

Features of the tool

In this section of this article, we have discussed different features of the SPD upgrade tool. Read the list of all the features below.

  1. Portability: One of the most important features is Portability. It simply means that you do not have to install the tool again and again. All you have to do is to download the tool and extract the files. You will then have to click on the .exe file to start the tool window and then you can easily use the flash tool.
  2. Flash devices: You can use this tool to flash your spreadtrum devices. You need to have an appropriate version of the flash tool and then you will have to look for the “locate” option in the tool window. Select the firmware and click on it to load it. Finally, you will have to click on the flash option to start the flashing of your device.
  3. Files supported: This tool supports two common forms of the firmware file. It can support firmware files with the .pac and .p5c extension. Both the files are easily available on the internet and if you want to install them on your system, you will have to use the SPD upgrade tool.
  4. Chipset supported: You always have to keep in mind that you will have to use the SPD upgrade tool with Spreadtrum chipset only. No other chipset is supported.

 Download SPD /Unisoc Upgrade Tool (SpreadTrum Flash Tool)

Steps to install the SPD Upgrade Tool

Below we have mentioned all the steps that you will have to follow to install the SPD/Unisoc upgrade tool. Follow the steps in the same manner as we have mentioned to install the tool without facing errors. Read the steps carefully.

  1. You will first have to download the SPD upgrade tool on your system. The tool is easily available on the internet and you will have to look for the latest version. Look for the version which is compatible with the device that you are using.
  2. After this, you will have to get the Spreadtrum driver on your system and then install it on your system by following all the instructions appearing on the screen.
  3. Other than this, you also need to have the firmware that you wish to install on the system. You will have to extract the files of the firmware.
  4. You will then have to open the tool folder and then look for the upgrade download file and then click on it to install the tool.
  5. In the tool window, you will have to click on the load packet option. You will then have to redirect the tool to the location where you have stored your firmware file.
  6. Now, you will have to connect your system and then click on the start option. The process of flashing will then start.
  7. You will then have to wait for the process to complete. After the completion, you will get an upgrade successful message on the screen.
  8. Finally, terminate the tool window and also, detach your system and device.

This was all about the SPD Upgrade tool. We hope that this article has helped you and was informative for you regarding the SPD upgrade tool.

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